Post Secondary Readiness Program

Funds one year of post secondary readiness programming for youth. These programs include workshops dedicated to college and career readiness, as well as tours of colleges and universities in the Northeast region.


Astor Mental Health Services

Funds onsite clinics at our Clubhouses and work with youngsters and families who are struggling with emotional problems, behavioral challenges, or other mental health issues.


Performing Arts

Funds transportation and registration fees for Jr. K and K. Company to perform nationwide. Your donation supports costumes, props and materials for theatrical productions presented by our members.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(S.T.E.M.) Programming

Funds materials for a 24 week cycle of S.T.E.M. programs. Initiatives include circuits, coding, robotics, music technology and participating in the NSA Day of Cyber.


Fine Arts Instruction and Chess Program

Funds support 60 children engaging in a 16 week art workshop with a Studio in a School and Chess classes offering a balance between formal lessons and structured play time.


Technological Improvements

Funds support the upgrade and purchase of computer equipment including desktops, laptops, tablets, printers, and flatbed scanners. These resources enable our youth to engage in higher level S.T.E.M. instruction and practice.


Sports, Fitness & Recreation

Underwrites 100 physicals for our sports teams.


Sponsor A Child

Pays for a child to attend Kips Bay for an entire year.



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